Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Series: KENT Systems Fitting Your World; Article 1-Classifying Product Flow Options

Identifying your flow option needs is a key decision any consumer must make before buying parts. Determining whether you need an Open-Flow (a continuous stream) or Shut-Off connector will affect your product systems overall performance. Our Sales Specialist strive to educate our customers by identifying the best flow-option for your application and educating them on how to easily identify KENT Systems parts based on features rather than a manufacturer number.

KENT Systems products are separated into 3 classes, W, X, and Y; this is how we categorize our flow-option choices. All three classes come in both male and female coupling configurations and all offer cost effective solutions for a number of applications.

Our W class couplings are considered Open-Flow products. Customers would use this product class when the application requires no Shut-Off valve. Key features of our W Class coupling include: Open-Flow, no valve, smooth bore (smooth wall texture of body wall), and can function as a check valve when connected to an X class coupling.

Next we have an X class coupling which is used when a Shut-Off valve is required. The internal valve that is visible from the barrels backside, and the unmistaken sky blue color that all KENT Systems Shut-Off parts are manufactured in are major identification tools. Another key feature of the X class is the parts ability to Shut-Off flow when you disconnect the couplings.

The 3rd KENT Systems class is a Y class coupling. The Y coupling is used frequently with applications that only require one Shut-Off valve. The most visible feature of the Y class is the 2-notches in-lieu of an internal valve. Other notable features include the Triggering Open-Flow and its ability to Shut-Off flow when disconnected by mating couplings.