Friday, July 29, 2011

Kent Systems Custom Bulk Ink Solutions

We assist ink manufacturers and printer manufacturers with bulk ink systems with both products and experienced engineering. the products involved are: ink bladders (bags), high-grade polyethylene tubing known as Acrolene XP, shut-off couplings (to prevent ink spilling), and drill and "tap" cartridge modifications. We have worked with a variety of name brands.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Kent Systems now offers Tubing!

June 27, 2011, Loveland CO--KENT Systems has just released its line of Acrolene XP tubing to the public. Acrolene XP is an extremely chemical resistant polyethylene material with excellent flexibility.

“We are very excited to offer this line of tubing. Our customers have been asking us to carry a line of tubing that is as good as our couplings for some time now. After years of development and testing, we finally accomplished our goal.” Linda Sampson, CEO

There are a number of different tube materials on the market, each with their own characteristics. PVC tends to be inexpensive, clear and flexible. However, it has low chemical resistance, low pressure rating, and leaches toxins. For this reason it is being phased out of thee medical market as well as a handful of other markets.

Standard polyethylene tubing, (LLDPE, LDPE, HDPE) has great chemical resistance at a fair price, but is extremely inflexible, milky in color and prone to kinking. In addition, it tends to crack at low temperatures and melts at low temperatures too.

Polyurethane has great pressure performance and good chemical resistance. However, it lacks the flexibility of PVC, discolors over time and is dramatically more expensive.

Acrolene XP bridges a number of gaps left by other tubes. It is clear, has great chemical resistance, remains strong below freezing temperatures, has a high melt point, good pressure performance, resistant to kinking and will not leach dangerous chemicals into the fluid path. In addition, it is a very affordable product.

“Unlike most polyethylene tubing, ours is extremely flexible, simple to work with and easy to use on tube barbs. Acrolene XP is an ideal substitute for PVC and polyurethane in scores of applications” Lyle Sampson, COO

KENT Systems has been designing and developing quick couplings, plastic fittings, and media bags for over 10 years. This product can be used for many different fluids from solvent ink to chromatography applications. Made in the USA. More information about KENT Systems can be found online at or call 970-593-3185 to receive free samples